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 Theatre of Digital Art

Youthful Flow

  • wellness
  • 90Mins
  • 28 Mar 2024
  • +13

Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Awaken your body's innate capacity for renewal at 360°

Tap into the energy that resides within you. Rediscover your inner vitality and radiance with Yana Smith — a certified yoga instructor specializing in rejuvenation practices. In one hour, Yana will lead you through a series of yoga poses and breathing exercises, designed to turn back the clock and awaken your body's innate capacity for renewal. From gentle stretching to invigorating asanas — each movement of this practice is deliberate, allowing you to access the boundless energy within you. And 360° art around will just enhance the rejuvenation! Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this immersive class will help you to feel more youthful, vibrant, and alive — with every movement and every breath.

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  • Bring your mat and a plaid or hoodie/socks as your body temperature may drop during the experience.
  • Kindly refrain from any heavy food 2 hours before, as breathing might come on the way of your digestion.

To secure your reservation, please make a booking via phone by contacting 04 277 4044 and ensure to provide your booking confirmation. Prior to your desired date, kindly book or cancel your reservation (subject to availability) at least 24 hours in advance. Walk-in customers will not be accommodated. Children aged 2 years and below are exempt from charges. This offer is applicable only for digital shows.