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Conrad Dubai Hotel

Brand YOUniversity - Jay Shetty

  • 07 Sep - 08 Sep 2018
  • +16

Building a brand on social media is the NOW and FUTURE of business.

Catch Jay Shetty LIVE in Dubai 7&8 Sep 2018 at Conrad Hotel! .. And learn how to turn your online brand into a profitable business & become a SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER!

At the 2-Day Brand YOUniversity you’ll be guided through The Influencer Impact Method and become equipped with expert tips to create powerful content, deep insights about each platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat) and the secrets of distribution and monetization strategies no matter your size or popularity.

Not only will you learn but you will apply the techniques in the session itself so that you can grow your influence every minute.

*Here's how attending the 2-Day Brand YOUniversity Could Set YOU on The Path To More Money Doing What You Love:

Step 1 Brand To Business
Step 2 Content Mastery
Step 3 Distribution Power
Step 4 Platform Insights
Step 5 Monetization Strategies