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 THE PARKS (New BIEL) - Furn el Chebbak

Cirque du Soleil - Bazzar

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  • 2 HRS
  • 19 Jun - 30 Jun 2019
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Alchemy Project Entertainment is delighted to bring Cirque du Soleil iconic Big Top to Beirut for the first time ever under the Big Top with its newest production BAZZAR, in association with Touch hosted by THE PARKS New Biel - Furn el Chebbak, supported by MTV and Virgin Radio, coorganized by Solicet. A breath-taking, colourful homage to Cirque du Soleil legacy, BAZZAR will premiere on 19th of June 2019 and will continue its performances until June 30th, 2019 under the Big Top, at THE PARKS (New BIEL) - Furn el Chebbak, Beirut - Lebanon.


Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR is an eclectic lab of infinite creativity where a joyful troupe of acrobats, dancers and musicians craft an awe-inspiring spectacle.  Lead by their maestro, they band together to invent a whimsical one-of-a-kind universe. In a place where the unexpected is expected, the colourful group reimagines, rebuilds and reinvents vibrant scenes in an artistic, acrobatic game of order and disorder.  Come and claim your place amidst this marketplace of merriment and creative camaraderie. You just might find that the end of the story is really only the beginning!

BAZZAR is Cirque du Soleil’s 43rd original production since 1984.

“We are very proud to bring BAZZAR, the latest Cirque du Soleil production, for the very first time under the Big Top to Lebanon. The show will present the best of Cirque du Soleil’s DNA and takes the audience back to the elements that make Cirque du Soleil shows famous worldwide for more than 30 years. As Alchemy Project, we would be touring the show across 6 countries, 3 continents, organizing over 130 shows within over 210 touring. In Alchemy Project we always thrive to present the best of entertainment and create an exceptional experiences and unforgettable memories. We are confident that the audience will really enjoy BAZZAR which is designed to captivate the heart of the audience with its magic “ Said Mac.s.Far, CEO  of Alchemy Project.

“Solicet has been hosting many international shows for over more than 20 years and this year we are happy to collaborate with Alchemy Project in bringing Cirque du Soleil for the 4th time to Lebanon with a new show, new experience and new location.” Said Managing partner Mr. Claude Tahchy

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 Ticketing Information:

Cirque du Soleil’s BAZZAR  will be performing under the Big Top , in THE PARKS New Biel - Furn el Chebbak, during June 19th  to June 30th, 2019. Tickets will be on sale from a Thursday, May 9th 2019, at 11:00am local time ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY from www.TixBox.com &  Antoine Book  Stores (Antoineticketing.com).
Ticket prices start from USD 55.

Show Schedule:

1. Wednesday – 19th June - 8:03 PM ( Premiere Show)

2. Thursday – 20th June – 8:30 PM

3. Friday – 21st  June – 6:00 PM

4. Friday – 21st  June – 9:30 PM

5. Saturday – 22nd June – 2:30 PM

6. Saturday – 22nd June – 6:00 PM

7. Saturday – 22nd June – 9:30 PM

8. Sunday – 23rd June – 2:30 PM

9. Sunday – 23rd June – 6:00 PM

10. Wednesday – 26th June – 8:30 PM

11. Thursday – 27th June – 6:00 PM

12. Thursday – 27th June – 9:30 PM

13. Friday – 28th June – 6:00 PM

14. Friday – 28th June – 9:30 PM

15. Saturday – 29th June – 1:30 PM

16. Saturday – 29th June – 5:30 PM

17. Saturday – 29th June – 9:00 PM

18. Sunday – 30th June – 2:30 PM

19. Sunday – 30th June – 6:00 PM

 Organized By : Alchemy Project Alchemy Project UAE | www.alchemy-project.com/

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